BioAgri Input Producers Association in short referred as


BIPA is the oldest association in India registered in 2003. (Society Registration No 1068 of 2003 Under AP Societies Registration Act 36 of 2001)

BIPA is not for profit organization working towards the use of biological technology that includes but not restricted to bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants, bio-fertilizers, semio-chemicals, environmental management for sustainable agri in India and across the Globe.

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About BIPA

BIPA is engaged to bring in help members in:

  • Popularizing biologically derived safe formulations, that are alternative to conventional pesticides, fertilizers
  • Educating all the members on technology development, regulations and policy changes from time to time
  • Creating business platform for the members on B2B, technology transfers and downstream process
  • Opportunities to strengthen the acceptability of bio products in the marketplace
  • Knowledge sharing access to cutting-edge technology and information at outstanding meetings, conferences, and workshops
  • Knowledge sharing with members on the products research and applications
  • Assist members to represent on common issues
  • Represent and Impress upon concerned policy makers, governments, concerned authorities on streamlining / formalizing regulatory approvals and its implementation
  • Opportunities to affect bio products, product registration, technology, and adoption, Participation in advocacy efforts in legislative and regulatory issues
  • Help develop members with sensitizing the ethical and judicious research, business exploration and long-term benefits of biological products
  • Networking for trade partnering opportunities with the leading bio products companies and excellent regulatory consultants and contract research firms
  • Access to the latest industry news and information
  • Business Summit along with Awards and Recognition in various categories once in a year on competitive basis in order to recognize the contribution of the individual / company to environmentally safe products / technology
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