About BIPA

BioAgri Input Producers AssociationBIPA”is registered as Society Under Andhra Pradesh (India) Societies Registration Act. It is a not for profit body with a governing body of seven eminent personalities from BioAgriculture field.

BIPA is a body of professionals / corporates engaged in manufacturing, marketing, research and academic activities related to Biological Inputs for sustainable agriculture. The body represents the collective voice, strategy and action plan for making agriculture profitable through biological applications.

  • BIPA will help members to network in business platforms and keep them engaged with dissemination of knowledge, issues affecting bio industry, influence policy / regulatory makers to find ways and solutions for smooth business operations. Members can share and voice their opinions in common forum that will enrich the industry.
  • BIPA will promote green innovative and effective technologies in farming so farmers can benefit to grow desired, healthy crops that yield to their fullest potential.
  • BIPA shall bring and combine synergies of common and mutual interests in biological inputs industry through collaborative and joint projects for sharing information and explore research, manufacturing and marketing activities across the Globe. It will accept and introduce new technologies for the development of sustainable agriculture.
  • BIPA will help members create bench marks / standards in product quality standards. It will play facilitators role to focus on ethical BioAgri inputs industry.

With BIPA members can reach far and wide to establish business connects across the Globe either by offering the product or explore to scale the product technology